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Dietary Supplement

Dietary Supplement

A Unique natural fiber with over 60 studies to test its effect. Propol is one of the top selling fibers in Japan and Europe.

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Functional Food

Functional Food

Propol has many applications as a functional food. It has uses in baking, meat, beverages and many additional functions.

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Consumer Healthcare

Consumer Healthcare

The focus of this field is to allow consumers to manage their health through the use of clinically tested fibers.

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Fiber Research for Weight Loss
Fiber Research; helps maintain Cardio Health
Fiber Research for Digestive Health
Research for Other Areas
Research Areas

We Deliver Innovative Solutions

Fiber Research

Extensive Range of Fibers for use in Research

  • Helps Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels
  • Time Release Fiber
  • Functional Food Effects
  • Propol for Regularity
  • Slow Gelling Fiber

Helps Maintain Cardio Health

Cardio Research

  • M.L.Berrizbeitia et al. Military Hospital, Caracas, Department of Cardiology
  • M. Cairella, G. marchini Clin. Ter. 146: p.269-274, 1995
  • Terasawa et. al.., Eiyogaku Zasshi, Vol. 37 No.1, p23-28,1979
  • A. Arvill et. al. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition; 61:

Prebiotic Studies

Healthy Probiotic levels are increased

  • T. Mizutani  1st International Meeting on Intestinal Microflora 1998
  • Decreasing Bad Bacteria Counts
  • Increasing Fecal Fat Excretion
  • Fujiwara S1, Hirota T, Nakazato H, Muzutani T, Mitsuoka T., Effect of mannan on intestinal microbial metabolism
  • Mizutani T, et al. Cancer Lett. 1982.

Weight Loss Research

Expertise, Knowledge and Support Beyond Routine ClinIcal Testing

  • D.E. Walsh et.al., International Journal of Obesity, 7, p. 289-293, 1984
  • G. Biancardi et. al. Current Therapeutic Reserch, Vol 46, No.5, p.908-912, November 1989
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  • C.Livieri et.al, Ped.Med. Chr. (Mrd. Sgu.Ped.) 1992,14: p.195-198 (Italian, English translation)
  • P.M. Vita et. al. Minerva Med., Vol 83, p. 135-139 , 1992

Blood Sugar Level Research

Clinical Test for Healthy Glucose Levels

  • V. Vuksan et al. Diabetics Care, Vol23, No1, p.9-14, january 2000
  • K. Ebihara et al. Nutrition Reports International, Vol. 23, No.4, p.577-583, April 1981
  • K. Doi et al. International Congress Environmental Interaction in Diabetes mellitus Honolulu, February 6-7, 1981
  • W. P. M. Hopman et al. Gut 1998 29 930-934
Novel Fiber Technologies

Novel Fiber Technologies

We have many novel fiber applications.

Healthy Digestion with Fiber

Healthy Digestion with Fiber

We have multiple studies testing the effects for prebiotics and digestion

Time Release Fiber Coating

Time Release Fiber Coating

A new time release option was created and studied.


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