Press Release

Atlanta, GA April 25, 2017 FRI LLC, a formulator and innovator of nutraceutical fibers, announces the launch of Propol TR(R) time release. This 100% natural fiber is used to help your body maintain a slower, gentle release in the digestive tract.

Propol TR is able to process nutrients effectively so consumers can experience a products’ full effect. A patented and unique formula, Propol time release is the only powder delivery system we’ve seen that can be adjusted.

Whether it’s one hour, or a six hour release, Propol (TR) improves absorption, and works perfectly for protein powders, vitamins, or probiotics. “If an individual consumes a protein powder in which the label states 60 grams of protein, he is really only getting a small amount with poor absorption. The body cannot absorb that much protein at one time. This is where Propol TR can help slow down absorption, and allow the body to efficiently consume nutrients,” says John Alkire, the CEO of FRI LLC. “Every nutrient has capacity, and with Propol time release, we provide a new way for food, beverage, and nutraceutical manufacturers to develop valuable products backed by extensive scientific validation,” states Alkire.

With its ability to deliver in capsule, powder, and tablet form, this powerful formula can provide brand marketers with a variety of time release options—giving them the ability to choose how they want their product blended. The addition of Propol TR will allow compounds to be released or dispersed in the body, thus helping it breakdown nutrients, and aid in the digestive process.
Propol TR can be used safely with a variety of foods, nutraceuticals, and beverages. This new and amazing ingredient is patented in the USA, and is now available at For more information, please do not hesitate to contact John Alkire at 678-718-8087.

FRI LLC is based in the USA, and is a supplier of innovative fibers and functional food products to manufacturers, wholesalers, and food companies worldwide. FRI LLC’s objective is to provide valuable fibers to promote optimal health based on scientific research data involving human clinical trials.
For more information about Propol Time Release and FRI LLC, contact John Alkire, CEO of FRI LLC at 678-718-8087 or